Bookkeeping & Accounting

Our team provides quality bookkeeping and accounting services at affordable prices. When you engage Small Business Services, you get more than just bookkeeping, you get the oversight of a degree’d and well experienced corporate accountant, controller, treasurer and financial analyst on YOUR team. We can do as little or as much as you’d like us to do, on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We also do project work.


QuickbooksMany clients like to do all or some of the bookkeeping work through QuickBooks. This is perfectly welcome, however, the biggest problem we see with many new clients is that QB was not properly setup initially. When tax time rolls around, and “financial reports” are prepared and submitted, there are just far too many errors and therefore the savings of “do it yourself” are lost to cleanup. Let us setup your initial QB file and chart of accounts, at the same time providing training so that you get it done correctly the first time and go forward with confidence. We then find that sometimes a quarterly review and oversight is all you may need after initial setup. Call us to schedule a two hour setup “class” where you’ll learn while getting some of your actual bookkeeping done at the same time.

We will also offer our industry and professional experience to you as to which QB product will be best for you, including possible add-ons and banking interfaces. QuickBooks Online allows collaboration, however there are other options including cloud-based services that offer the use of more robust QuickBooks Desktop and other applications to run your business more efficiently.

Need your QB data cleaned up? No need to be embarrassed, just bring a backup file to our office and we will work to get it cleaned up for you.

Financial Statements

We know our way around financial statements, from preparing to analyzing. We also know what banks need when you may be buying a home, business or refinancing. Bring your latest financial statements to us and let’s discuss how we may help you better understand your business from a financial perspective, and advise to improve your bottom line.

Sales Tax Management & Compliance

With the most recent U.S. Supreme Court decision opening a Pandora’s Box of compliance and jurisdictional registration issues for many online and e-commerce businesses, we can help sort through the issues and establish best practice compliance measures for you to avoid penalties and interest.

We file sales taxes for many clients in several states in addition to California, and within sub-districts as well.

Being audited? We can manage that process for you and likely minimize your exposure. Call us today if you’ve gotten a notice.


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