Payroll Services & Management

Our payroll services provide you with a more personalized experience catered to you and your business needs.

Handing a paycheck to an employee is one of the most important interactions they may have with you, and it needs to be correct. We help you stay in compliance with everchanging rules and tax law changes. We prepare and file all monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax payments and reports, getting paychecks and W-2s to employees on a timely basis, on any payment schedule you decide, whether weekly, monthly or even quarterly.

We provide payroll services to restaurants so we know how to manage tip reporting. We have contractors that regularly have “prevailing wage” reporting requirements. We manage your 401(k), SEP IRA, garnishments, and all other manner of payroll deductions. We can prepare paychecks, direct deposits, paystubs, etc., just let us help you establish the proper level of service. And we’ll never overburden you with difficult to understand and overcomplex reports. We like to keep things simple for you when we can.

We also can handle those pesky annual Workers Compensation audits if you wish.

You’ll likely find our payroll services a much better value than utilizing the higher cost and less personalized major providers, so give us a call today.


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